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Aloha Love Washi Tape

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Exclusive Designs of Mommy Lhey Designs

These cute Pineapples will give you Aloha Love!

Aloha Washi
Posted Jan 31st 2017 by Kara

Had to have it, it is pineapple cuteness!! Perfect fun washi for my papercrafts. Thank you!

Aloha Love Washi Tape
Posted Aug 24th 2016 by Joy Celeste G Ponce

Pineapple faces with a bow and hearts running across my planner? Why not! Most washi tapes are bright and "loud" and just too busy looking (can colors be loud? Yes, yes they can be!) The best features are the not so subtle pastel-like color and the invisible background. When this tape is placed on your planner or anywhere you like to put tape on (like your children's arm or my cat's tail...no, just kidding don't do that) the background simply disappears while the pineapples and hearts are floating around like dancing on air. Since I tend to move things around, I found this tape easy to remove on my planner paper and re-taped on another area. I've done that 3x so far and the adhesive is well enough to stick without worrying about peeling off later. That is something I found frustrating about washi tapes, the ones that suddenly peels off like bananas who don't like wearing their skin. If you like pineapples and good adhesive washi tapes I recommend you get this item. Again, I tend to get "stingy" with my stuff so it will last longer, so depending on how much you like to use wash tape, one can be enough. Of course if you have a happy nice friend you want to swap planner stuffs with, why not include this wash pineapple washi tape? This item is priced at $4, competitive to most washi tapes considering its good adhesive.

Posted Jul 21st 2016 by Charlotte Pestel

So stinkin' cute! Love it! :) x x

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Aloha Love Washi Tape
Aloha Love Washi Tape
Aloha Love Washi Tape