Blush Sparkling Pen


Our Sparkling Pens Are Simply  Gorgeous.

And did we mention it's a Stylus too?

Tip. 0.7mm


Black Smooth Ink.

Comes in with a clear case.

Customer Reviews (4)

So pretty! :)

I adore this pen! It's so much prettier up close! And the cute case it comes in just adds to the elegant feel! Love it! :) x x Charlotte Pestel

Blush Sparking Pen

I love these pensLove the color and how it glides across the paper. Feels good in the hand. Gwendolyn Mckenzie

Simply Beautiful!

I love all of Mommy Lhey's pens. they are the best quality and colors are simply fabulous. love them maria

Blush Sparkling pen

May I say that this pen is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! Kathleen Carpinelli
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