Caffeine Doze


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For everyone like me who overdose in Coffee.

Adorable Stamps that will make your planning so much fun.

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Love these!

I am fairly new to stamping and I love these stamps. Already made my second order! Jessie

Coffee Doze

This is the first time I've ordered anything from Mommy Lhey and I must say that I love these stamps. The images are adorable and my absolute favorite stamp in this set is the Monday stamp. That stamp is spot on with how I feel EVERY Monday. I will most definitely be ordering again. Dionne

so worth it

I absolutely love it and I can't wait to use this set. Briana

Caffeine doze

Love it!!! Candi

Mommy Lhey Stamps are my fave

I love the quality of these stamps, and they were well-worth the expense! I love how crisply the images come out, and they are just so cute. I just wish the cups didn't have that writing because I don't always want it. Can't wait to collect more stamps! Cindy
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