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Do you love travelers notebook style of planning?

Bullet Journaling? Or Just simply making your own

Stickers and Inserts?

This is a perfect set for you!!!

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Basic, But Practical

I bought this for the AM, PM stamps, no joke. My husband works 12 hour shifts and I need to know if it's a night shift or a day one, these tell me at a glance. I love that they're small enough to fit into even really tiny monthly spread boxes in a pocket size planner with room to spare. I can also stamp in what time a flight is leaving, etc. I also decided to try my hand at just hand drawing my own weekly pages and again, it was this set to the rescue. The days are the perfect size for my personal size planner (I make daily pages for my pocket size these fit great too). The boxes on the top fit into my pocket size monthly spreads. They also look nice "stacked" in a daily/weekly page. The list stamps are always good to have, as are the random shapes and numbers. The overall design is painfully basic, but ultimately that's a good thing. Sometimes you just need efficient. This set give the info you need in your spreads, without competing with any design you may use. Katherine Ngiam
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