About our LIttle Bits (Q&A)









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Is there a minimum time before I can cancel?

No. We require no minimum. You may cancel anytime. But please refer on top regarding refunds.

 Will I see what are the items for my next box?

    - Some of it but not all of it. Our items usually have similar contents every month. We will be posting Sneak Peeks of the theme for the next box. If you follow along Social Media, you can even see behind the scenes while the items are being designed. 

 If I want to buy 2 boxes or more, what do I have to do?

   - You will have to open 2 or more subscription accounts. 

  If we missed the Preorder for the current box can we still buy it? 


   -  If you just subscribed for next month's box and missed the current box this month  and would like to purchase. We will have them available in the store if we have extras, but NOT in the discounted price. 

 When do we receive our box?

   - Our estimated Shipping timeframe is between 2nd to 3rd week of the month.

  Will we receive shipping notification?


   - Yes you will get notified through email under the same email address associated to your PayPal account.

(Double Check the Spelling of your email addresses when typing them in. 

 My Box is Lost/Stolen?

   - Please refer to our Shipping Policy through our Website. Thank you. Or contact us so we can further assist you.

  I do not like my BOX can I return it?

    - We are positive that you will LOVE your Little Bits Box, but if you have concerns and Unhappy about it. You can send our team an email and we'll be very glad to assist you with the situation. (mommylhey@yahoo.com)

  I am missing items in my box? Who do I contact?

   - Please send us a message and we will be more than happy to assist you. ( mommylhey@yahoo.com )

 Do I get rewards points?

    - Our subscription process works solely through PayPal. This transaction doesn't go through our regular store. So no, our rewards point system does NOT apply.

 I am trying to look for my Previous History under my Store Account. I can't Find it??? 

    - Our subscription process works ONLY through PayPal. You will NOT find your purchase history under your Store account. You will have to manually log in to your PayPal account.  Log In to your PayPal account (Profile Settings, My Money, and My Preapproved Payments!) and you may choose to Suspend (Skip) or Cancel Your Subscription. Or you may contact us using the form below so we can assist you with the process. Thank you.