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October Little Bits (US Only!)



(Hawaii, Puerto Rico, And United States Minor Outlying Islands)

It's all about that Dimsum! 

Tea, Bobba, and Lots of cute Characters.

Pure Kawaii-Ness for this month of October.

Featuring Exclusive Designs and Illustrations

by Mommy Lhey that you will NOT find elsewhere.



3 Patterned Paper (Front & Back Designs)
Sticky Note Pad


2x3 Stamp Set

Sticker Book (8 Sheets)

Die Cuts Set/Ephemera

Paper Clip

Charms/Key Chain

And Many More Surprises.



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Posted Apr 17th 2017 by Judi smith

Omg this is the cutest box ever. I just signed up and seen i could buy this box as an extra . So happy i did fan-tastic. So cute. Cant wait until my new ones come. Thanks

October 2016 Little Bits Box
Posted Apr 9th 2017 by Mitzi

All I can say is WOW!!!!! I was so happy to be able to purchase this past box as I LOVE Mommy Lhey's Little Bits boxes. This box like all the rest are just the cutest! The quality is amazing as well. I look forward to getting my box each month! I wish there were other past kits I could purchase. <3

Oct Little Bits box
Posted Jan 31st 2017 by Jima Zimmerman

This is my 2nd box. I received January's and was so impressed I went to the website to make sure I was signed up for February's. I actually don't know if I am or not. But I did see where I could buy previous months so I purchased this one. It is fabulous, absolutely adorable, and full of cuteness. I will definitely be sticking around for these.

Wonderfully Kawaii!
Posted Nov 17th 2016 by Rhondalei G.

I have appreciated Mommy Lhey's designs and was excited to get this kit! As a foodie, I loved the concept of kawaii snack and dimsum designs added to my planner. This kit does not fall short of surprises and extras, including plenty of stickers, unique paper and washi tape, paper clip, stamp set and more that are all designed by Mommy Lhey. This was my first Little Bits box and I am extremely happy with this kit!

October Little Bits Box
Posted Nov 14th 2016 by Helen

This is my first box I've ordered from Mommy Lhey and I love it. I love that she includes a mini stamp set. I wish an ink would be included in the box though. I love the boba charm and dim sum paper clip. Very good quality. I already ordered November's Little Bits Box :) Keep up the good work Mommy Lhey, you are so talented!

October Little Bits Box
Posted Nov 8th 2016 by Lucie Hale

I just found this kit, 2 months ago. Mommy Lhey is a gifted artist. No question about that. The kit is filled with tons of stuff and it is a beautiful presentation. This is only my second kit, but have watched a few unboxings from previous months and that is what prompted me to get these last two kits. I am only rating this kit a 3 because I am not sure how I will use this month's items. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and this kit is cutsy and non-themed. So I will save it for next spring and summer. Or if I happened to go get oriental food for supper one day and want to journal about that! But keep up the excellent work Mommy Lhey! You are a dynamo!!!

Oct 2016 Little Bit
Posted Nov 7th 2016 by Cathi

OMG.. Love this box. Everything is so cute. I can't wait to use it. This is best planner box of goodies that i have gotten. Thanks you

Another great box!
Posted Nov 7th 2016 by Rachel Quinto

These boxes are amazing. They are filled with so many high quality and unique items! I love the feeling of unboxing them every month and being so amazed at the number of items that are included. Everything is sooooo cute and thought out. I love it! I filmed an unboxing video where I go into more detail about the box: https://youtu.be/NS_VvMq8wLE

Sept little bits box
Posted Nov 7th 2016 by Anna fallas

Super amazing kit I love all the Unique Designs and you gets so much for a great price. I do a month spread and have plenty left over so I make cards. The only one little wish is that the stickers would come in smaller sizes since I use a personal size planner but other than that it won't stop me from purchasing every month LOL

Lil bits October
Posted Nov 6th 2016 by Natasha Feary

I love Lil Bits Boxes. Found them as of September and October box is awesome! This is my box peace. Not too sure I like the fact that it will go to subscription though because I tend to like the option in case I financially cant momentarily but we will see!

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October Little Bits (US Only!)
October Little Bits (US Only!)
October Little Bits (US Only!)
October Little Bits (US Only!)
October Little Bits (US Only!)