Planner Girl


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Who is a planner babe? Raise your right hand please?

Me! Me! Me!

Oh yep, yes you too! Here's a set designed with you in mind.

Set Size: 4X6

Customer Reviews (3)

Planner Girl is bae

I admit I bought this set only because I've been obsessing over the planner girl ever since I found out about these stamps. Still, I'm super glad I have this set because the tabs and arrows are so useful and versatile. I also love the "I need" and "wishlist" stamps. The other stamps in this set make for super cute decorations, especially the notebooks (which I love to color). Cindy

Really cute stamp!

This is such a cute planner stamp and I'm having so much fun using it! Just perfect!

Every planner girl needs these!

This set is simply adorable and a lot of fun to use. I highly recommend it Monica
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