September Little Bits (US ONLY!



 Enchanted Forest.

All about fun and whimsical critters.

Fairies, And other enchanted characters.

Exclusive Designs & Illustrations

that you won't find elsewhere.



3 Patterned Paper (Front & Back Designs)
Sticky Note Pad


2x3 Stamp Set

Sticker Book (8 Sheets)

Die Cuts Set/Ephemera

Paper Clip

Charms/Key Chain

And Many More Surprises.



Think a month ahead.

You will receive your KIT 

a month after you preorder.

Our scheduled Shipping are always

between the 2nd-3rd week of the month.



Please Take Note that all our boxes ship separately.

You will get charged SHIPPING FEE per box that you buy.



Please double check your spelling of your SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Apt, Home No. Street Address, ZIP CODE and Your name.

We won't be able to fulfill request of Combined Shipping.

We won't be able to make any changes once your order's

been placed in the system. 



Customer Reviews (11)

What you want in a box

Absolutely adore this September kit. I am a fan of Lhey's illustrations, she makes them so whimsical and cute, even down to the packaging. I was afraid my box would get stolen in my mailbox, so I watch the tracking like a hawk on delivery day :D. Jessica

September Little Bits Box

This is my third little bits box and I love them! These kits were my first planner box kit ever and I was hooked from my first box. There is so much creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into each design and each box. Every box just keeps getting better. If you love unique and cute designs, this box is for you. To counter this because there are just so many goood things you can say about these kits, I will say a few things on the opposite spectrum. The boxes are now 100% manufactured so that means not everything is going to come out perfect. My key chain from this last box and paperclip from the previous month did not come out great. I did not email Lhey because I understand she is running a small home business and some things are out of her control, but at the same time these boxes are not cheap and I do expect to get what I paid for. Lhey does have great customer service so I am sure if I had emailed her it would have worked out fine. If you really care about sticky notes, know that these are not the quality of post-it brand notes in terms of stickiness. They really don't stick well, I usually use glue/tape to reinforce them. They can also leave a sticky residue on the sticky note below it once you pull one sheet off. Other than these minor things, the kits are wonderful and well worth it! The possibilities of what you can create with the items from these kits is endless!! Sonia

September Box

Everything in the box this month was perfection. The quality is great, and the designs and prints are unique. I love it. Jenifer Purcell

September lil' bits

My very first box and it's just beautiful, I don't know if I can use it. I loved opening the box and seeing all the goodies. The only negative to this box is that you want to keep it pristine, so that you can keep going back and look at it. Omg, I think I'm addicted. Can't wait to see what Lhey has in the works. Roselle M


This box is awesome! I love the colors and quality of everything in the box. Lissan
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