Tiffany Blue


Our BEJEWELED pens are simply stunning.

This pen, screams class, elegance, and will definitely

make you stand  out from the crowd.

Ballpoint Tip. 1.0mm


Black Smooth Ink.

Comes in with a white box.

Customer Reviews (5)

My favorite pen!!!

Love this pen!!!! The color and jewel at the top makes me happy! Keri

Super Cute

This pen is super cute and easy to write with. Every time I take it out, I receive a ton of compliments on how cute it is. I love how it's refillable and fits into my planner! Christie

Tiffany Blue

I love the "Tiffany Blue" color, not only is it the iconic color of class, the pastel not so bright look makes it appealing. What drew me to this is the diamond on top, I mean talk about "Fancy!" It's like cake with that cherry on top! This item is packaged on a white box with a clear window that shows off the pen. The box itself presents the product as an impressive item, making it perfect for gifts. The pen is a ball point black ink. To use the item, you simply twist the middle and out it comes. No covers needed no fuss. The only drawback to this item is the price. While I am a newbie planner enthusiast, other people may not want to spend $11 on just a pen. I would've probably preferred the fine-tip gel ink, however I've learned most gel ink tend to bleed. While this pen isn't fine tip, it rolls on good without the hassle of waiting for the ink to come out. It tends to get heavy the longer you use it. Overall I would recommend it if you're a planner or pen enthusiast or if you feel like giving it as a gift. I use it every so often but not daily, only because I want it to last. These pens do not come with refills. Joy Celeste G Ponce


This colour is amazing! And the Jewel on top is so sparkly! Reminds me of a wand.. I feel like a magical sparkly wizard! Haha XD it's so pretty! :) x x Charlotte Pestel


When I received my pen, I squealed with joy! It was even prettier in person. I love the way it writes and it looks AWESOME in my planner!!! Pocono Pam
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