Bossy Boss

$15.00 $9.00

Where are my Bossy Boss, Sassy. Diva,

Coffee-Loving Wonder Women at?

Size: 4X6 Stamp Set

Highest Photopolymer Quality

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews (2)

Bossy Boss stamp set

I am do in LOVE!! All of your stamp sets are such great quality and never a disappointment. I've have bought so Many of your stamps and will continue to purchase. Lifetime customer for quality products. Ladies if tou have thought about buying this set buy it you will not regret it at all! Adela Figueroa


These stamps are beautiful!! I'm very happy with my purchase . I've used them in my planner and plan to use it in a scrapbook layout and my journal. High quality stamps. Thank you!! YOLANDA Sanchez
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