FAQ (Fabulously asked questions)

“Does your stamp comes with inks and acrylic blocks?”

– No. Just The Clear Stamps.

“What ink do you use?”

– Mommy Lhey Pigment Inks

“What is favorite pen to use?”

– My favorite is Tombow Fudenosuke Calligraphy Pen. I use both, the Green With soft nib,

and the blue one with a harder nib. I also like using Sharpie No Bleed and Micron Pens.

I love UNI Style Fit Pens. 0.5 tip. for writing on my planner.

I love Pentel Touch Brush Pens for lettering and drawing too.

And I LOVE our Sparkling and Bejeweled Pens!

“What do you use to color in your stamps?”

– I use Prisma Colored Pencils.

“Do you ship Internationally?”

– Yes.

"What software do you use for your designs?"

- I am using Adobe Photoshop CC  and Adobe Illustrator CC