Little Bits Monthly Subscription

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By purchasing this subscription, you acknowledge you have read, understand and agree to these terms & conditions. Read all of the information above. 


Here are some of the important informations that you need to know:

  • You will be charged the day you subscribe.
  • And you will be billed again the same date next month.
  • This will be your monthly due date.
  • You will not receive a confirmation email from the store. Only from PayPal.
  • This Subscription will NOT end until you CANCEL.
  • You may cancel anytime after your 2nd Box as long as it is before your next billing date.
  • PayPal do NOT have a SKIP A BOX option. You will have to cancel your subscription.
  • Customers with cancelations over 5X a year can result in inability to purchase future subscription.
  • To cancel your account, you may email us at:
  • Boxes will not be guaranteed for customers with declined/denied payments.
  • Little Bits Boxes ships by the end of the month  (You will receive Tracking Information from us once your box have been shipped. )
  • Shipping schedule are subject to change due to product availability and manufacturer/production delays.
  • Little Bits Boxes are packed and Shipped Individually for Expedited Process.
  • Please note that if you place other items in your order other than your Little Bits box, it will be shipped separately.
  • Subscription/Preorders Once Placed are Non Refundable.
  • One Time boxes will be offered through our regular store with the rate of $32.50 + S&H. 
  • Please take note, If you purchase at the lower subscription rate for the first time and then cancel your account right after. We will automatically cancel your subscription and your order. Only subscribe if you can commit to a monthly recurring. If you cannot, please choose the One Time Box Option

Information about your Subscription Order will NOT be available through our regular store. 

These options will NOT show up under your regular store account history, 

and monthly subscription is NOT part of our REWARDS system, however our 1 time boxes still are.

  • Select Your Region.
  • If you a re a current PayPal user, Log In to your PayPal Account.
  • If you'd like to pay with a DEBIT/CREDIT card choose that Option. 

If you DO NOT have a PayPal account Please create one. It is Imperative.