Mommy Lhey

My Girls

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Beauty comes in different Color, Shape, and Size.

A Planner Girl.

Stamp Set Size: 4X6

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So unique!

This stamp set is so unique and so inclusive of other people and faiths! Love the images and sentiments as well! Thanks for offering this beautiful stamp set! Farida

Inclusive beauty

#EthnicGirls, #WomenOfColor, #BeautifulAroundTheWorld, #WhiteChickLovingVariety. I have been using these in my planner but they would be wonderful on greeting cards, too. Mommy Lhey is the only artist I have seen that dedicates space in her line for ethnic characters. Yes, one can always color in the skin on any image but these women are unmistakably from non-white culture and I applaud them!! Jen S.
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